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What is Orbera? | Learn about the #1 Gastric Balloon

What is Orbera? Many people want to know how this weight loss balloon helps patients lose weight and change their lifestyle. Read on to learn more about this gastric balloon and how it is a less-invasive way to lose weight.

What is Orbera Good For?

What is Orbera good for? Orbera is a popular, non-surgical weight loss procedure. This treatment is an excellent alternative to invasive weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass. The gastric balloon helps patients eat less, feel full longer, and lose a significant amount of weight relatively fast.

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Changes that Last

Not only will patients receive the gastric balloon, but they also get comprehensive support from a team to aid them in lifestyle changes post balloon. Each Orbera patient will receive personalized health plans and professional coaching to guarantee weight loss success.

What is Orbera Benefits?

  • FDA approved weight loss balloon
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Removable, non-permanent
  • Easy, out-patient procedure
  • Lose weight quickly
  • Long-term results
  • Eat less and feel full more
  • Customized health plan and coaching
  • Minimal to no downtime required

What is Orbera Treatment?

What is Orbera treatment like? During the procedure, a gastric balloon is put inside the patient’s stomach. The doctor will insert the balloon via an endoscope. Once correctly placed in the stomach, the doctor will inflate the balloon with saline. The weight loss balloon takes up the majority of the room in the stomach. This allows the balloon to help decrease the amount of space in the stomach for food. Orbera gastric balloons eliminate overweight by helping the patient feel full sooner and longer.

The balloon, however, is only temporary. After six months, the patient will have the balloon removed. During those six months, the patient will work hand-in-hand with a team of people. The support team helps each patient change eating habits and effectively adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure permanent weight loss success even after removing the balloon.

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What is Orbera Treatment Time?

The Orbera treatment time is relatively fast and straightforward. The gastric balloon is put into the stomach during an easy, 30-minute procedure. This procedure is out-patient. You can go home afterward, with no hospital stay required.

What is Orbera Going to Do for Me?

If you have struggled for years trying to lose weight and establish a healthier lifestyle, Orbera may be the solution. This gastric balloon helps you change your relationship with food, allowing you to create healthy habits to make a permeant change. To learn more about Orbera and what it can do for you, schedule a consultation with Body Morph MD. During the consultation, you can learn all about the weight loss balloon, the support system you receive for a year, and how this procedure can change your life.

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