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Plasma Injection Hair Restoration in Westchester, NY

Plasma Injections for hair restoration are one of the safest and the most innovative ways to treat hair loss or thinning. Millions of people globally struggle with the loss of hair, thinning hair, or receding hairlines. Plasma Injections provide a natural, non-surgical solution using your own body, stimulating hair growth. Treatments have FDA clearance for producing improvements in hair count, thickness, and density. Best of all, this method of hair restoration is minimally invasive. As a result, it delivers impressive, long-lasting results without harsh surgical drawbacks.

If you struggle with a form of hair loss and want to learn more about the incredible benefits of plasma for hair restoration, contact Body Morph MD. We are the leading provider of plasma injections in the AREA. Call us at 914-391-1274 to schedule your consultation and discover if their natural, safe treatment suits your unique hair needs.

Benefits of Plasma Injections for Hair Restoration

  • Non-surgical hair restoration
  • Natural treatment
  • Targets hair loss, thinning, and receding hairlines
  • No scarring or invasive surgery

  • No chemicals or medications
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Long-lasting results that look natural

Plasma Injections for Hair Restoration Before and After*

The plasma injections for hair restoration before and after results prove this treatment works well. It perfectly stimulates hair growth and fortifies the existing hair follicles for natural results. The patients in the before and after images achieve noticeable improvements in their hair after plasma injections. As with any medical treatment, results may vary.*

What is Androgenic Alopecia?

Androgenic Alopecia is the most notable form of hair loss. It affects countless people around the world. It is known simply as female or male pattern baldness. However, as the name suggests, it is typically caused by genetics.

Androgenic Alopecia affects hair growth in two distinct ways:

First, it shortens the active growth phase of hair, known as the anagen phase. Second, it causes follicular miniaturization (shrinking of hair follicles.) Each leads to the thinning and shortening of the hair shaft.

In men, Androgenic Alopecia appears as a receding hairline. It also occurs as hair loss on the top and front of the scalp. It tends to affect one in three men over the age of 30. In addition, it involves a stagging 50% of men over the age of 50.

For women, this form of hair loss manifests as the thinning of the hair. Hair loss can affect women at any time after puberty. However, most experience it after turning 50, with 2 out of 3 postmenopausal women reporting bald sports or thinning hair.

How Do Plasma Injections Work?

Plasma injections use a blood component containing vital proteins and growth factors. In a sense, the body uses it to heal itself. For example, medical professionals use plasma injections during surgical procedures and sports injuries to promote tissue regeneration and accelerate wound healing.

During plasma treatments, a blood sample is taken from the patient. The blood is then placed into a centrifuge to harvest. Once the plasma is prepped and ready, an expert specialist injects the substance into the scalp, focusing on the areas affected by hair loss, bald spots, or hair thinning.

Plasma Injection Treatments in Clinical Research

Clinical research further strengthens the efficacy of plasma injection treatments for hair restoration. This injection targets the two leading causes of hair loss or thinning.

First, growth factors introduced during the treatment influence hair growth. They induce and prolong the anagen (active) phase. The growth factors “wake up” dormant hair follicles, stimulating new and natural hair growth. 1

Secondly, plasma injections correct follicular miniaturization. It does this by strengthening and restoring the hair follicles. It also fortifies hair against the progression of Androgenic Alopecia. In addition, it initiates natural hair restoration.2

As with any medical treatment, individual experiences will vary.* However, most people who have plasma injections for hair restoration enjoy a substantial increase in hair thickness, hair count, and density.3

Plasma Injections + Hair Transplants

Plasma Injections are often used in conjunction with another popular hair restoration procedure, hair transplants. The plasma injections are popular as a supplemental therapy for hair transplant patients. Research suggests growth factors promote tissue repair and regeneration following the transplant. In addition, they also improve and preserve the viability of hair follicles during and after the transplant. It also revitalizes dormant follicles, starting a new hair growth cycle.1 2

Plasma Hair Treatments for Women

Hair loss, balding, and receding hairlines are concerns for women as much as they are for men. Plasma injections provide a natural, safe solution for any woman struggling with female pattern baldness, thin hair, or a receding hairline. In addition, it improves the look of their hair, providing thicker and fuller-looking locks without any surgery, chemicals, or harmful methods.

How Much Do Plasma Injections for Hair Restoration Cost?

Plasma injection costs for hair restoration vary. The exact price depends on the unique needs of each patient. These include the number of treatments needed in the plan. You may discuss plasma injection prices in great detail during your consultation with Body Morph MD. If you are the correct candidate for injection treatments, we tailor each plan to fit the needs of each patient while also matching their budget.

Plasma Injections for Hair Restoration Near Me

If you want to restore your hair to its former glory, contact Body Morph MD. Our treatments can help you improve your appearance, look younger, and gain confidence with thicker hair. We are the leading provider of plasma injections for hair restoration in AREA. Call us at 914-391-1274 to schedule your consultation now to learn more.


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4 “Platelet-rich plasma, the ultimate secret for youthful skin elixir and hair growth triggering. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.  2017


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