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Microneedling with plasma is an exciting development that combines two effective skincare treatments. The Rejuvapen combines the benefits of traditional microneedling with powerful proteins and growth factors taken from the patient’s own plasma.

This novel treatment naturally stimulates the skin to rejuvenate itself from the inside out. The result is softer, smoother skin that looks tighter, clearer, and more youthful.

If you struggle with your complexion, discover how microneedling with the Rejuvapen can improve your skin’s health. Contact Body Morph MD. We are the leading provider of Plasma microneedling with Rejuvapen in Harrison and Yonkers, NY. Reach out online. Or call us at 914-391-1274 to schedule a consultation to learn more about this innovative skin therapy.

Benefits of Microneedling

  • More effective skin rejuvenation
  • All-natural treatment
  • Stimulates collagen production + cellular renewal
  • Non-invasive
  • Safe and effective

Rejuvapen Microneedling Before and After*

Rejuvapen Microneedling before and after images show the level of skin rejuvenation possible with this form of skin treatment. Each transformation shows how adding plasma to regular microneedling further enhances skin rejuvenation. As with any cosmetic treatment, results will vary per person.* However, when plasma microneedling with the Rejuvapen device is performed by a reputable professional, the results are safe, natural, and long-lasting.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is a part of the blood that contains big concentrations of proteins and growth factors. Your body uses plasma to aid in repair and regeneration. Plasma is used throughout medicine. It is proven to have great results in skincare as well.

When drawn from the body and infused back into the skin, plasma stimulates the robust rejuvenation of tissue. Proteins and growth factors speed up cell renewal, improve blood circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and so much more.

What is Microneedling with Plasma?

The Rejuvapen device is FDA cleared . This class 1 fractional micro-needling device tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates the skin. In addition, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks pores, and improves the appearance of scars. When the treatment combines with the plasma, the results significantly increase.

How Does It Work?

The Rejuvapen uses a spring-loaded disposable tip with automated, vibrating stamp-like motions. This device’s design enhances results while offering more control and a safer method of treatment when compared to other microneedling devices. In addition, the Rejuvapen minimizes discomfort for a more enjoyable microneedling experience.

The automatic needling motion also increases the effectiveness of treatments by promoting even plasma absorption. Treatments are precise and cost less than laser therapy.

What Does Microneedling with Plasma Treat?

Plasma microneedling improves your skin quality. If you notice your skin is losing firmness and looks less youthful with lines, wrinkles, or jowls, you may benefit from plasma microneedling. This treatment triggers natural regeneration, making the skin firmer, healthier, and more youthful.

How is Plasma Microneedling Performed?

During your plasma microneedling treatment, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area. Then, your certified technician performs three passes over the skin with the Rejuvapen. During this part of the treatment, the device makes tiny micro-injuries in the skin. The microscopic wounds stimulate the body’s natural healing and regeneration response. Once the Rejuvapen is complete, Plasma is applied to the skin. The plasma absorbs deep into the skin via the microchannels created by the Rejuvapen.  Here, the plasma rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level.

Rejuvapen Micro-needling Cost?

The cost of Rejuvapen micro-needling varies. There are unique factors per treatment plan that determine the cost. These factors include the treatment areas and if you are combining plasma micro-needling with any other popular treatments. The best way to receive a personal price for plasma microneedling is to schedule a consultation with Body Morph MD.

An expert specialist evaluates your skin during this consultation to determine if this micro-needling method is right for you. If they determine plasma microneedling with the Rejuvapen device is suitable for your skin and aesthetic goals, they create a treatment plan capable of achieving exceptional skin rejuvenation at the most affordable price.

Plasma Microneedling Results*

Three plasma microneedling treatments are recommended at four-week intervals for optimal skin rejuvenation. This treatment plan dramatically improves your overall skin quality and tone. There is no downtime required afterward. As with any cosmetic treatment, individual experiences may vary.*

Microneedling Recovery*

Post-treatment, the patient’s skin will feel like they have a moderate to severe sunburn. The skin may feel warm and tight. This is a normal skin response to the treatment and will resolve within one to two hours. Most patients will be back to normal within 24 hours. As always, results will vary.*

Microneedling Near Me | Rejuvapen Near Me

If your skin is starting to appear less healthy or youthful, you may benefit from plasma microneedling. Contact Body Morph MD today to learn more about Rejuvepan plasma microneedling treatments and how they benefit the skin. We proudly offer plasma microneedling to the clients in Yonkers and Harrison, NY, and we also serve the Upper West Side, Westchester, and Greenwich. Call us at 914-391-1274 to schedule a consultation now.


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