Emsculpt calves

How to Sculpt and Tone Your Calves with Emsculpt

Calf muscles are notorious for resisting strength training exercises. That’s why many people opt to Emsculpt their calves. Emsculpt is a revolutionary bodybuilding treatment. And with it, men and women can build bigger, stronger, more sculpted calves in as little as 30-minutes.

The Problem with Calves

When surveyed, bodybuilders listed calves as the most challenging muscle group to develop. And they’re right. But why? First, most people believe that the shape and size of your calf muscles are genetically determined. Suppose you are born with calf muscles that consist predominately of fast twitch muscle fibers. In that case, you may have more prominent, sculpted calves. Suppose you’re born with calves that are predominately slow-twitch muscle fibers (which possess half of the growth potential as fast-twitch fibers.) Then your calves may be smaller than you’d like and hard to develop.

Physiology also plays a role. Calf muscles aren’t designed to respond to a workout like the muscles of the upper leg. For example, a muscle in the calf, the soleus, posses half the ability to synthesize muscle tissue as the quadriceps.

Lastly, because the calf muscles work out every time you walk, they are already developed. To make them stronger and more sculpted requires a lot of tension. This tension is hard to create in the gym.

Emsculpting Calves

Emsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle tissues. During the procedure, an applicator is positioned over the targeted muscle group. The applicator delivers the electromagnetic energy into the muscle tissue below. When you Emsculpt calves, you induce 20,000 contractions in the calf muscles. These contractions are far more potent than the ones you create at the gym with calf raises.

Emsculpt Calves Before and After

The Small Applicator

When first introduced to the public in 2018, Emsculpt was FDA cleared for the building, strengthening, and firming of the abdomen and buttocks. According to BTL, the makers of Emsculpt, the “Small Contour Applicator [was developed] to deliver targeted treatment for smaller muscle groups, including the arms and calves.”

The smaller applicator is equipped with a higher energy field and an ergonomic half-pipe design. This proprietary technology contours to the calf and isolates the applicator’s energy to penetrate only the calf muscles. This avoids activating nearby antagonist muscle and ensures a more intense calf workout.

Emsculpt Strong, Sexy Calves

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