Emsculpt for Arms

Emsculpt arm treatments  sculpt beautiful, sexy upper arms. Thanks to a new small applicator, Emsculpt is approved to treat the arms, thighs, and calves. When Emsculpt first hit the market, it could primarily reduce fat and stimulate the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Now with the new applicator, Emsculpting arms is possible. Read on to learn more.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsculpt uses Highly Focused Electro Magnetic Energy (HIFEM) to stimulate powerful muscle contractions known as supramaximal contractions. The super contractions are impossible to achieve through manual exercise in the gym. One treatment on the arms is the equivalent of 20,000 curls, making it the ultimate muscle building, strengthening, and toning treatment.

As a bonus to the muscle building Emsculpt’s HIFEM energy metabolizes fat cells, destroying the cells entirely. After treatment, the body naturally collects and expels the dead cells in the form of waste. Once removed, the cells can never regrow. Emsculpting the arms provides patients with lean, muscular biceps and triceps.

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Emsculpt Arms, Thighs, and Calves

The makers of the Emsculpt machine have created a new, smaller applicator that makes treating the arms, thighs, and calves possible. In a press release by BTL, the makers of the Emsculpt machine, “BTL is always researching new innovations…to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.” The addition of this small applicator allowed Emsculpt to achieve FDA clearance for treating other notorious problem areas for patients. Emsculpt can now strengthen, firm, and tone the muscles of the arms and thighs.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Paulos tells Haute Beauty, the new applicator is “great news…Patients [can] enhance areas that are most important to them.” This “great news” is sure to be welcomed by the thousands of men and women who want a little help with contouring the arms with stronger, more defined triceps and biceps and individuals who want to tone, lift, and sculpt the upper regions of their legs.

While the FDA has cleared the new small applicator for treatment on the upper arms (triceps) and thighs, protocols are currently working for using the applicator to treat the oblique and calves.

Abdomen and Buttocks

The FDA original limited their clearance of Emsculpt to the abdomen and buttocks. The abdominals are the most notorious “problem zone” for many patients. Most men and women struggle with belly fat that resists diet and exercise. Not only does Emsculpt melt away that resistant fat, but it also develops strong abdominal muscles. Treatments allow patients to transform their midsection entirely and not just shrink their waist. In addition to the abdomen, Emsculpt’s HIFEM energy can help lift and firm the buttocks providing patients with a safe, non-surgical butt lift.

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