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Trap Botox: Everything You Need to Know About TrapTox

There’s nothing new or surprising about Botox injections. Celebrities and regular people alike know the aesthetic benefits Botulinum toxin type A can provide. But a new type of Botox injection is causing quite the buzz on social media platforms like TikTok. Surprisingly, this revolutionary Botox injection has nothing to do with smoothing away wrinkles. It’s called Trap Botox, and it’s injected into the trapezius muscles. Those triangular muscles extend from the top of the neck to the spine and shoulders.

The trapezius muscles play a huge role in maintaining good posture. They also help perform a variety of everyday movements, such as reaching, pulling, and lifting. Unfortunately, these hard-working muscles are prone to overuse and discomfort. They can also become overly tight and bulky and alter the appearance of the silhouette. TrapTox can help with both of these common issues.

What is TrapTox?

TrapTox, also called Barbie Tox or Barbie Botox, is Botulinum toxin type A (Botox) injected into the traps. There are two primary reasons you might want this procedure: for pain relief or aesthetic purposes. When neurotoxin is injected into the trapezius muscle, it has a relaxing effect. This can help relieve shoulders, neck, and upper back pain caused by overly tight or inflamed traps. Relaxing the trapezius muscle with Trap Botox can also help create the appearance of a slimmer and longer neck. When the traps are too bulky and tight, they can cause you to have an overly masculine physique. This may be an undesirable trait for some people.

What are the Benefits of Trap Botox?

There are many reasons to consider Botox for trapezius muscle pain or aesthetic appeal. The treatment takes just 10-20 minutes to complete so that it won’t disrupt your plans for the day. Here are some additional benefits this exciting new TikTok trend can provide:

  • Slims, overactive and bulky trap muscles
  • Relieves trapezius pain
  • Creates a more elegant shoulder contour
  • Improved range of motion in and around the treated area

Why Celebrities Are Using Trap Botox

You can find buzz about TrapTox on TikTok and other social media platforms. But the treatment first gained popularity after a particular photoshopped picture of Kim Kardashian. Allegedly, Kim modified her traps in a photo of herself to make them appear slimmer. As a result, her neck also appeared to be more lengthened and elegant. This was the start of the Kim Kardashian TrapTox trend.

The photo drummed up interest in longer necks and slimmer traps. That’s when injectors began enthusiastically recommending trapezius Botox. This treatment makes creating the desired shoulder contour possible in real life. No Photoshop manipulation is required!

Celebrities who want to improve their physiques and minimize shoulder bulk naturally are turning to Trap Tox in droves. The treatment isn’t permanent but delivers results for up to six months per treatment. TrapTox does not cure trapezius pain. However, it can help bring relief. We recommend using trapezius Botox injections in combination with other treatments. It is always best to address the root of the problem if you want long-term relief.

What to Expect From Your Trap Botox Appointment

During your first appointment, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your treatment goals. Then, we’ll assess your trapezius muscles and inform you how Trap Tox works. We’ll recommend several neurotoxin units based on your personalized treatment program. We’ll also recommend a certain number of treatments to help you reach your aesthetic or pain management goals.

When you’re ready, we’ll begin treatment. Botox for the trapezius muscle is a straightforward procedure. We begin by marking strategic areas on the trapezius. Then, we use sterilized needles to inject Botox into the marked points. The number of Botox units we use depends on your treatment expectations and the size of your traps. Usually, we inject between 50 and 75 units of Botox on each side.

How to Prepare for Your TrapTox Appointment

In preparation for your Trap Botox treatment, we recommend doing the following:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol for at least one week before your appointment.
  • Have something to eat before your appointment.
  • Do not receive treatments during your menstrual period. Your skin and muscles may be more sensitive during that time.
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin for at least two weeks before your appointment.

These preparatory steps will help ensure you have the best treatment experience and outcome.

What to Do After Botox Treatment

What you do after your treatment can have a big impact on how well your injections turn out. We recommend the following post-treatment actions:

  • Avoid antibiotics for at least one week after your trapezius slimming appointment
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to water for about two hours after your appointment.
  • Don’t eat spicy foods for at least one week.
  • Avoid straining the treated area so it can heal.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before applying hot or cold compresses to the treated area.
  • Avoid doing strenuous exercises for at least 24 hours or as directed by your provider.

How to Tell if You’re a Good Candidate for Barbie Botox

You are likely a good candidate for TrapTox if you experience chronic neck or shoulder discomfort. Those with bad posture can also benefit from trapezius slimming. Finally, this procedure is ideal if you don’t like the appearance of your bulky traps. The injections can create the appearance of a longer neck and a more delicate shoulder profile.

You may not be a good candidate for trapezius Botox if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have received Botox injections within the last three months. You should also avoid treatment if you have a known Botulinum toxin type A allergy. This treatment may also be unsafe for those with previous surgical work or injuries affecting their shoulders, neck, or arms.

Botox Injections vs. Trigger Point Injections

Many people wonder if trapezius Botox injections are the same as trigger point injections. Though there are similarities, the two are not the same. Trigger point injections relieve pain using lidocaine or another type of anesthetic. Botox injections, on the other hand, alleviate pain by paralyzing and weakening the offending muscle. Another difference between the two treatments is that trigger point injections don’t have muscle-slimming effects. Therefore, they can’t change the shape and slope of the shoulders and neck as Botox injections can.

Trap Tox FAQs

Botox injections have a long and successful history of safe use. Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because it is effective and has a low risk of side effects. Botulinum toxin type A is also shown in studies to effectively decrease muscle volume in enlarged masseter muscles. Though TrapTox hasn’t been around as long as facial Botox injections, it uses the same safe and effective neurotoxin to deliver exceptional results.

The discomfort associated with Trap Botox is similar to the discomfort associated with any Botox procedure. There is some mild discomfort from the needles and the disbursement of Botox into the skin. However, the pain is tolerable for most people. If you can’t tolerate the pain, we can offer topical anesthesia to help reduce uncomfortable sensations in the targeted areas.

There is no downtime after Botox injections in the traps. Most people can get right back to their normal activities after their appointment. However, you may experience some swelling and redness for a few hours after treatment. The treated area may also be sore and weak for a few days. These are indications that the Botox injections are working as expected.

You should be able to see slight results within a week. However, the most noticeable results will appear in about four weeks.

Most trapezius Botox injections last up to six months. However, various factors can impact how long your injections last. These factors include your daily lifestyle and metabolism. People with faster metabolisms may need more frequent injections than those with slower metabolisms. Additionally, if you receive regular treatments every few months for up to three years, your trapezius muscles may weaken permanently. If this happens, you will need fewer maintenance treatments to maintain your results.

It is becoming more common to get Trap Botox. Celebrities have spurred the popularity of this procedure and made it less mysterious. As with other effective aesthetic and pain-relief treatments, the more people learn about TrapTox, the more popular it becomes. Some patients receive these injections solely for their pain relief properties. Others may be more attracted to the possibility of improving the appearance of their neck and shoulder area.

Schedule Your Trap Botox Injections now

Thanks to Barbie Botox, you can enjoy a slim and elongated neck. If you have overdeveloped, painful, or bulky traps, Botox injections may be just what you need. When administered by a skilled provider, Botox injections in the trapezius muscle can deliver exceptional results. Schedule your Trap Tox injections with Body Morph MD, the leading provider of Botox in Westchester, New York. We also serve the following New York areas of Upper West Side, Greenwich, and we now offer Botox in Naples, Florida at our newest location! Call us today at (914) 391-1274 to schedule your appointment now.


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