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QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injection capable of reducing moderate to severe cellulite. The new cosmetic injection restructures connective tissue responsible for skin dimpling associated with cellulite. Treatments are minimally invasive and require no painful surgery or lasers to improve the skin’s appearance. Learn more about QWO cellulite treatment and how it rejuvenates skin while reducing cellulite.

Why Choose QWO Cellulite Treatment?

  • Reduces moderate to severe cellulite
  • Smooths out dimpled skin
  • First and only FDA approved cellulite shot
  • 10-minute treatment
  • Safe and effective
  • Minimally invasive
  • Requires no surgery or lasers
  • Fast results with minimal to no downtime afterward

QWO Before and After*

The before and after QWO images show how this cellulite treatment effectively reduces cellulite and rejuvenates the skin. As with any cosmetic injection, results may vary per person.* However, each client achieves noticeable skin improvements after their QWO injection treatments. It is important to note that this cellulite treatment is technique-sensitive. For the most optimal cellulite reduction results, select a professional provider.

How Do QWO Cellulite Shots Work?

QWO is a prescription medication. The injections are FDA approved to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Treatments are similar to other cosmetic injections like Botox or Juvéderm. This “cellulite shot” is administered into the dimpled areas of the buttocks.

QWO contains an enzyme known as Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (CHH.) CHH is a naturally occurring enzyme that causes the breakdown of collagen. QWO is formulated to target the collagen in the fibrous septae. When injected into the cellulite, the enzyme breaks down the collagen-rich fibers that tug down the skin, causing the dimpling appearance. By dissolving the bands, the overlying skin bounces back and resumes its smooth appearance. Treatments also trigger the stimulation of new collagen, helping the skin remain smooth and supple.

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QWO Results

QWO treatments do not entirely eradicate cellulite. No treatment eliminates cellulite. However, QWO’s clinical trials prove treatments “significantly reduce” the appearance of cellulite.

Results take as little as 3 weeks to show up after the first injection. Most clients opt for three treatments spaced 21 days apart for incredible cellulite reduction results. During your consultation with Body Morph MD, our treatment specialists evaluate your skin and listen to your aesthetic body goals. If QWO is suitable for you, they create a treatment plan that achieves the results you want quickly and efficiently.

How Much Does QWO Cost?

QWO cost varies. Prices depend on different factors, including the number of injections you need and any available specials or discounts. Our specialists create a plan that achieves optimal results during your consultation while remaining within your financial budget.

QWO Cellulite Treatment Near Me

Boost your self-confidence and reduce embarrassing cellulite with QWO injections. Body Morph MD is a premier QWO provider in Harrison. Call us at 914-391-1274 to schedule your consultation or reach out online to learn more about cellulite shots. Also, ask about how you can couple QWO injections with an Emtone treatment for a transformative cellulite reduction and skin tightening experience.


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