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IV drips, or IV vitamin therapy, supply your body with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids on a cellular level. IV drips is an advanced delivery system that provides nourishment essential for your health directly into the bloodstream. This process boasts a 100% absorption rate, unlike vitamins taken orally. With IV vitamin therapy, you can experience increased energy and physical performance, improved cognitive function, and increased health. Read on to learn more about IV drips and all they can do for you.

Benefits of IV Drips

  • 100% absorption rate
  • Most efficient and effective method of nutrient delivery
  • Does not irritate or disrupt digestive system
  • Increase in bioavailability
  • Customizable to patient’s specific needs and concerns

IV Vitamins vs. Oral Vitamins

IV drips, or IV vitamin therapy, works differently from oral vitamins. Your body is dependent on receiving the necessary levels of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to function optimally. Many men and women take oral vitamins to obtain all these essential nutrients. Unfortunately, people lose most of the nutrients in oral vitamins during digestion. This malnourishment is because oral vitamins have a low 20% absorption rate. Patients also are discouraged from ingesting vitamins at high concentrations to avoid upsetting the digestive tract.

On the other hand, IV vitamins are sent straight to the bloodstream. This allows the body to take in 100% of its nutrients. As the body fully absorbs these nutrients on a cellular level, bioavailability is improved, allowing immediate utilization of the nutrients. By sidetracking the digestive system, IV drips offer safer, higher concentrations of vitamins.

Cost of IV Drips

IV drips cost varies per patient. These treatments are customizable to fit the unique circumstances and needs of each patient. Factors that affect price are: specific IV cocktail prescribed, number of IV drips, and any promotions or discounts utilized. The best way to know that the cost of IV drips will be for you is to speak with a provider.

IV Drips at Body Morph MD

IV drips at Body Morph MD are curated by a doctor for each patient. Pure ingredients, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other trace elements are all infused together in high-end IV cocktails. Here are some specific drips offered at Body Morph MD:

  • Body Morph Energy Drip: all the benefits of a B12 shot, taurine, magnesium, vitamin B6
  • Body Morph Weight Loss Drip: promotes weight loss by speeding metabolism
  • Body Morph Anti Aging Drip: set back the clock with vitamin B5, B6, B12, glutathione, and more
  • Body Morph Immunity Drip: fortify the body against illness and injury
  • Body Morph Sports Drip: enhance physical agility and peak performance
  • Body Morph Liquid Lunch: improve satiety and increase stamina

IV Drip Near Me

Body Morph MD is the leading provider of IV drips in both Harrison and Yonkers, NY. Men and women in the Upper West Side areas of Greenwich and Westchester choose Body Morph MD for their IV vitamin therapy and other cosmetic needs. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more. Call us at 914-391-1274 or fill out the online form below to get started.


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