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Ho to Improve Core Workouts Using Emsculpt

Who hasn’t coveted the washboard abs of a slim, sculpted abdomen? No wonder core workouts are one of the most searched key terms on google. However, for some of us, we don’t have the time, energy, or quite frankly, the genetics to chisel out our abs.

Fortunately, Emsculpt offers a revolutionary approach to working out your abdomen for a slim waistline and six-pack abs.


Core exercises can strengthen the abdomen, but they can’t shrink it. Belly fat exercises that purport to target stomach bulges are a myth. This myth is known as “spot reduction.” The idea is that working the muscles underneath specific bulges will reduce the overlying fat deposit above those muscles. But this is not how fat reduction works. So, if you’re carrying extra weight around the midsection, core workouts won’t help that.

Many ab exercises will strengthen your abdominal muscles. However, no number of sit-ups, crunches, or planks can result in that chiseled, washboard look for some people. Like other muscle groups, the shape, size, and exact physiology of those tissues are heavily influenced by genetics. For those people, they may need a little help. That’s where Emsculpt comes in.


As mentioned, six-pack abs are elusive for a lot of people. That’s why more and more men and women are turning to Emsculpt. The revolutionary body sculpting treatment stimulates powerful muscle contractions. In fact, a single half-hour treatment induces more than 20,000 contractions. To replicate a similar workout at the gym, a person would need to perform over 20,000 crunches.

This is why people are calling Emsculpt Superman’s ab workout. The muscle exercises induced during the treatment are far beyond what is humanly possible to perform manually.


Emsculpt utilizes electromagnetic currents known as High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. Attaching a proprietary applicator above the target muscle group, the Emsculpt treatment, sends the HIFEM energy down into the tissues.

The electromagnetic energy causes the muscles to contract. These aren’t normal contractions that you induce at the gym performing various core workouts. Known as Supramaximal contracts, meaning ‘beyond what is possible,’ these contractions place intense tension on the muscle. To respond to this stress, the body creates bigger, more powerful muscle tissue. The result is stronger, more sculpted abs.

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As displayed in these Emsculpt before and after pictures, this treatment can significantly enhance your stomach region’s musculature. Of course, individual experiences may vary.* However, to ensure optimal outcomes, select a provider experienced and reputable for performing the body contouring treatment.

Emsculpt before and after male abdomen treatment Body Morph MD
Emsculpt before and after abdomen treatment Body Morph MD

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